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Case Studies


Retail Development and Showroom: Quadrilatero Fashion District

In recent years Italia Fudosan Real Estate has provided its consultancy to italian and international companies for the opening of new boutiques and showrooms in Milan’s fashion district, the so-called ‘Quadrilatero della moda’. Here some examples of recent collaborations.

Brera: an area with strong potential

In 2013 Italia Fudosan Real Estate undertook an analysis of Brera, finding a strong commercial vocation with a great potential that has not been fully exploited. It has therefore dedicated itself to the promotion of the area, contributing to the turnover of the businesses in via Solferino (40%), via Fiori Chiari (50%) and Via Ponte Vetero (25%).

Navigli: a new area for retail use

After the redevelopment projects for EXPO, Italia Fudosan Real Estate is contributing to the promotion of via Vigevano, which is strategically positioned between the Navigli and the Tortona area, recognised as an international centre of fashion and design. In collaboration with property owners and retailers, Italia Fudosan Real Estate is working to create a new area for the retail and food sectors. Some of the projects realised are shown in the drawing, including the Tenoha Milano concept store, which occupies a total area of ​​2500 square metres for retail, food and office sharing use.

Food retailers

Italia Fudosan is one of the few real estate companies which focused part of its business on food retail development. Thanks to the analysis of new potential areas and the valorization of single properties, it’s giving its contribution to the creation of new food districts in Milan, attracting some of the most innovative and interesting international food formats to the city.

Recent openings with Italia Fudosan

MIG MIG apre il suo showroom in via della Spiga Via della Spiga, Milano SEE MORE ASPESI TOKYO Aoyama, Tokyo SEE MORE Liviana Conti Calle Larga San Marco 605 SEE MORE Acca Kappa Via Brera 5 - Milano SEE MORE Iyo Aalto Piazza Alvar Aalto - Milano SEE MORE Open Colonna Milano Via Broletto - Bassano Porrone 8 SEE MORE Deus Cafe Via Vigevano - Via Sartirana 1 SEE MORE Monocle Via Vigevano - Tenoha SEE MORE Msgm flagship Via Broletto - Via del Lauro, Milano SEE MORE Maui Poke Via Vigevano 10, Milano SEE MORE Coccinelle Via Borgonuovo 24, Milano SEE MORE Al Bacio Via Vigevano 32 SEE MORE Bialetti Corso Buenos Aires 9, Milano SEE MORE Noriem Corso Venezia 23, Milano SEE MORE IF Creative Lab Via Vigevano 15, Milano SEE MORE Restelli Guanti (temporary) Via Manzoni 19, Milano SEE MORE La Via del Tè Via Madonnina 13, Milano SEE MORE Miror Galleria Passarella 1, Milano SEE MORE Aldo Bruè Via della Spiga 17, Milano SEE MORE Daytona Via Albricci 9, Milano SEE MORE Nashi Salon Via Vigevano 32, Milano SEE MORE Swarovski Mercerie Due Aprile, Venezia SEE MORE Tenoha Milano Via Vigevano 18, Milano SEE MORE Tokyo Grill Via Fiori Oscuri 3, Milano SEE MORE Zago Cosmetics Corso Buenos Aires 9, Milano SEE MORE Save My Bag Via Manzoni 37, Milano SEE MORE Green Station Via Spadari 13, Milano SEE MORE Farmacia Durini @Brian&Barry Building Via Durini 28, Milano SEE MORE Pin-Up Stars Via San Pietro All'Orto 17, Milano SEE MORE Tokyo Table Via Vigevano 10, Milano SEE MORE Ruco Line Via della Spiga 48, Milano SEE MORE Bottega del Ramen Via Vigevano 20, Milano SEE MORE Amouage Via Fiori Chiari 7, Milano SEE MORE Misoya Via Solferino 41, Milano SEE MORE Tramè Via Vittor Pisani 14, Milano SEE MORE Braschi Via Verri 10, Milano SEE MORE Falconeri Via degli Strozzi 5, Firenze SEE MORE Global Blue Lounge Via Santo Spirito 5, Milano SEE MORE Slide


Italia Fudosan, in collaboration with Flawless Milan, has published the new Italian-Japanese lifestyle guide of the city, which selects the best Japanese restaurants and the best stores.
The first Japanese food guide that brings together 35 highly recommended locations, where you can try the authentic Japanese cuisine and explore a little of that exotic charm in Milan. In addition, a unique selection of the 27 most interesting addresses for retail, historical and current, regarding Shopping, Beauty, Home Decor, Food and Art & Design.
Some of the locations collected in this guide have been curated by Italia Fudosan but also selected from our favorites!


Italia Fudosan Press Review

The interview of the italian newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore” with our CEO Issei Komi about the future of Retail and High Street post Covid19. Il Sole 24 Ore, 2020

«Developer Issei Komi runs Italia Fudosan, a property firm with an impressive record of Japanese retail and food businesses that it has helped set up in Italy.» Monocle, 2019

«…Issei Komi founded Italia Fudosan Real Estate 10 years ago and brought to Italy many japanese brands. He also found the location for the brand new “Tenoha Milano” project in Navigli-Tortona area…» Il Sole 24 Ore, 2018

«…Issei Komi, an Italy-based japanese businessman founder of Italia Fudosan, has a long experience in finding locations and providing legal assitance to japanese and international companies.» La Repubblica, 2017

«Italia Fudosan is an italian-japanese real estate company whose core business is the research of locations, with a focus on retail and food development.» Business Insider, 2017

«Italia Fudosan was founded in 2006 by Issei Komi, and over the last 10 years gained popularity as a real estate company focused on retail and food development in high streets.» Goethe, 2017

«Toridoll new openings in Milan: Italia Fudosan is in charge for the japanese food giant’s development plans in Italy.» Il Sole 24 Ore, 2016

«Italia Fudosan Real Estate: retail in Milan passes through Japan» Pambianco Magazine, 2013

«Interview with Issei Komi about Milan new Porta Nuova project» (Japanese only) Japan Commercial Building Newspaper, 2012

«Interview with Issei Komi about opening a shop in Italy» (Japanese only) Japan Senken Newspaper, 2011

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