Eggs Milan opens in Brera: eggs and carbonara are the protagonists

Eggs Milan opens in Brera: eggs and carbonara are the protagonists

Carbonara is a dish of Roman cuisine and is also the case for the Eggs restaurant. As the name suggests, the menu focuses on eggs, in all forms and of different species. After the opening of the first restaurant in Rome, in the Trastevere area in 2017, Eggs Milano opens its doors on Saturday 9 March 2024, in via Solferino 35, in the Brera district.
The Roman restaurant has received numerous awards from gastronomic guides. Among these, we highlight L’Espresso and Louis Vuitton City Guide.

Barbara Agosti, the chef who signs the Eggs Milan menu

The menu is designed by chef Barbara Agosti, who for the Milanese restaurant thought of a proposal that was 90% Roman and 10% Milanese.
Carbonara always triumphs on the menu, the classic one to which are added 12 other variations, including two vegetarian and one vegan.
The dishes are fun and playful. To give two examples: “lo strapazzo“, a fried carbonara to be eaten as if it were ice cream on a stick, presented by Agosti at Masterchef 2019, and “il gioco dell’ova“, a journey of six tastings, inserted in the shells placed inside the typical egg carton.
The Eggs Milano menu also includes dishes designed for Milanese palates. For example, the Roma-Milano, a supplì with Milanese risotto and ossobuco; the Bomb or not bomb, Milanese rolls with cheese and pepper, amatriciana and carbonara; the Milanesi from the garden, fennel, celeriac and cauliflower in breadcrumbs, accompanied by a salad of carrots, ginger and herb mayonnaise.

Italy Fudosan for Eggs Milan

The new Eggs Milano restaurant is located in one of the most famous streets of Brera, via Solferino 35. Two windows, an internal space of approximately 200 sm, including a splendid underground room where the cellar is located, a small dehors, for a total of over 70 seats.
All designed and furnished, with the consultancy of the Lula Ferrari architecture studio, to warmly welcome customers. The tables are in natural oak wood, the floors in resin, the walls in rough brushed concrete. To embellish the room, an ancient Art Nouveau showcase and a small counter with an open kitchen. On the lower floor, a room with a vaulted brick ceiling, ideal for an event, a tasting or an intimate dinner with friends.

«Brera is no longer just the beating heart of fashion and design, but also of gourmet proposals. Thus, with this new opening, our project to develop and enhance the district continues» comments Issei Komi, CEO and founder of Italia Fudosan Real Estate.

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Published On: March 6, 2024
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