Italia Fudosan Real Estate specialises in rentals of prestigious properties for an international clientele able to offer references, mainly composed of employees and expats on transfer in Milan who work for the most important multinational companies. Our services are available throughout the areas of the city that are most in demand: from the historical centre to the new residential areas, and the districts that are strategic for the international communities residing in the Lombard capital. Our staff follows every phase of the negotiation with professionalism, and works with the parties to satisfy every need, assuring maximum experience and attention.

  • International clientele

  • Strategic and prestigious residential districts

  • Consolidated professional assistance for tenants and owners

For property owners

Do not hesitate to contact us to offer your property: Italia Fudosan Real Estate is always looking for apartments to present to its international clientele with references. If you are instead considering an income-earning investment, our team will guide you through the selection process and offer secure and economically attractive investment opportunities.

  • Reliable tenants with references, who can guarantee absolutely punctual payments

  • Consolidated relations with the largest multinational (Japanese and international) companies based in Milan and surrounding areas

  • Complete assistance in the various stages of the negotiations, from the promotion of the property to bureaucratic aspects

  • Support for the owner and tenant even after transfer, thanks to a highly-trained and responsive team


  • Customised consultancy for restructuring or renovation of a property

For tenants

Thanks to a dedicated and attentive team, Italia Fudosan Real Estate specialises in providing assistance and support to its international clientele in the search for the ideal housing solution. The support we offer covers every aspect: advice concerning residential areas in Milan, assistance in the selection of international schools and kindergartens, analysis and explanation of contractual terms uderstanding the assignment system of expats of international companies. These are just some of the aspects that we follow with the greatest care. Our strength is our internationality: we provide assistance in Italian, English and Japanese, to be able to provide a service that is always professional and precise.

Find your property

Those listed below are just some of the current rented properties available. To receive personalised proposals or to receive information about the opportunities for purchase please contact us, indicating the features you are looking for: our team can provide all the necessary information and assist you in the search for the ideal property.