Retail & Food

Italia Fudosan Real Estate specialises in retail high street development in major Italian cities: our services are available in Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice and Verona. Our customers are Italian and international brands interested in high-level positioning for their stores.

  • Advisory expertise for luxury, fast fashion and growing emerging brands

  • Advisory on obtaining a licence and on italian current regulations for retail and food business

  • Transfer of business

  • Negotiation and renegotiation of the principal contractual and financial aspects

  • Assistance on renegotiating rental contract terms

  • Consultancy on relocating your business

  • Cross-border consulting services for retail business

  • Consultancy on the set up of your business in Italy (establishing a company, obtaining working visa, hiring employees, etc.)

Case Studies

For property owners

Over the years, we have established strong relationships with Italian and international institutional investors, with whom we work daily: real estate funds, banks, insurance companies, asset management companies, real estate companies and private individuals.

  • Evaluation and rent opinion: experience and knowledge of the market with assessments that accurately reflect the current market situation, with a view to maximising the potential of your property.

  • Value-up: solutions and strategies to maximise the value of the property, such as change of intended use, selection of new tenants, or study of innovative concepts. Promotion of new commercial areas and strengthening of existing areas with brand packages suitable for enhancing a specific area in synergetic way.

  • Property sales: thanks to a wide network of customers, a deep knowledge of the market and the necessary marketing tools.

  • Tenant scouting: analysis and selection of potential Italian and international tenants, based on sectorial and market studies.

  • Negotiation: study of the main contractual and financial aspects.

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To receive personalised proposals or to receive information about the opportunities of retail spaces please contact us. Our team can provide all the necessary information and assist you.

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