Third place for the specialty coffees of the Cafezal roastery in Corso Magenta 96 in Milan

Third place for the specialty coffees of the Cafezal roastery in Corso Magenta 96 in Milan

Where before there was the Leone candy store, the third Milanese store of Cafezal has opened in Corso Magenta 96 in Milan.

Intimate and from the Liberty era, typical of the historic Milanese workshop, the place is welcoming, elegant and a point of reference for those who love specialty coffees. On the other hand, for those who have yet to discover them, a visit here will open up a new world, made up of journeys through the aromas and notes of coffee beans.

Italia Fudosan Real Estate for Cafezal corso Magenta

It was Italia Fudosan Real Estate who found the place suitable for the needs of Cafezal, the largest specialty company in Lombardy. What the client was looking for was a location with an ancient and retro mood in the western area of ​​the center of Milan. This is because in this area there was no specialty café, which is now added to the other two Cafezal addresses: in Brera, via Solferino 27, and at the hub in viale Premuda 14.

Cafezal corso Magenta’s proposal

Cafezal, which in Portuguese means “coffee plantation”, in Corso Magenta 96 offers, in addition to excellent coffees, also pastries, a savory gourmet proposal and brunch.

The Italian brand selects plantation coffees from Africa, Central and South America with strict criteria for quality and agricultural sustainability. The coffee beans are then roasted in Italy, to be precise in the design boutique roastery in the heart of Milan. And, moreover, in the Cafezal cafeteria in Corso Magenta you can buy different types of coffee, even in pods.

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Published On: June 21, 2023
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