The historic Italian company Mandarina Duck returns to Verona with a flagship store. Its high-quality bags and suitcases are iconic and have been dictating fashion since 1977. A few weeks ago it opened its new flagship store in the central Via Mazzini at number 24/b, a crowded pedestrian shopping destination in Verona.

The opening in Verona testifies to the great growth of the Italian brand, not only in the domestic market, but also internationally with distribution in 40 countries.

The Mandarina Duck Verona boutique

In the Verona store you can find collections of bags, suitcases and accessories, characterized by the design and centrality of colours, mostly lively and bright, like those of the duck from which the brand’s name derives.

They are all products designed to be indestructible, thanks to the quality, technology and selection of unconventional materials, therefore suitable for travel and everyday use. And they represent the union of original aesthetics with practical functionality.

Italia Fudosan Real Estate consultancy for Mandarina Duck Verona

«Mandarina Duck’s return to Verona could only be in style, so we aimed at the most renowned street of the Verona capital» explains Issei Komi, CEO and founder of Italia Fudosan Real Estate.

Two windows overlook via Mazzini, from which you can glimpse the white and bright spaces, expertly designed by the Lucchi&Biserni studio, in which the brightly colored products stand out.

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