The taste boutique in Brera is the Laboratorio Niko Romito Milan

The taste boutique in Brera is the Laboratorio Niko Romito Milan

The first flagship store of Laboratorio Niko Romito has opened in Milan in the Brera district in  Solferino street. And this is how the products of the chef from Abruzzo, three Michelin stars since 2014 with his Reale restaurant in Castel di Sangro (L’Aquila), can be found not only online, but also in the Milanese capital. The goal is to be able to enjoy Romito’s sought-after excellence at home, just as if you were a guest in his restaurant.

Italia Fudosan Real Estate for Laboratorio Niko Romito

«We are very proud of this new starred opening and we thank chef Niko Romito for trusting us to find the right location for his important project. From the consultancy and meticulous analysis of the brand, it emerged that  Solferino street was the ideal place for a target not only in Milan, but also passing through and linked to tourism» explains Issei Komi, founder and CEO of Italia Fudosan Real Estate.

The refined spaces of Laboratorio Niko Romito Milan

The store reflects the cozy spaces typical of the neighborhood shop, with an elegant and essential style. The luminous whiteness of the walls, one of which covered with diamond-cut tiles, brings out the excellent products, with refined and minimal packaging, displayed on shelves and racks.

The products of the Laboratorio Niko Romito Milan

In this boutique of taste you can buy delicious jewels – but healthy, simple and light – produced in the Niko Romito Laboratory and the result of great research.
Sweet baked goods, such as tasty vegan biscuits, lactose- and gluten-free plum cakes and soft pandolce. And for those who don’t want to miss out on a rich and healthy three-star breakfast, there are also milk-free chocolate creams, organic fruit jams with little sugar and organic nectars to drink.

The great protagonist of the boutique is the bread: white with potatoes, dark from Solina and Saragolla flours, with olives and rosemary, and sweet with chocolate and cherries. The specialty that can only be purchased at Laboratorio Niko Romito Milan is refrigerated bread, ready to be regenerated in the oven, as if it were freshly baked by the skilled hands of the chef.
On the occasion of the festivities, in the store in via Solferino 12 there is no shortage of panettone, colomba and typical traditional sweets.

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Published On: February 15, 2023
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