Masu Masu, the authentic flavors of the new and welcoming Japanese restaurant in the Navigli area

Masu Masu, the authentic flavors of the new and welcoming Japanese restaurant in the Navigli area

Inspired by a modern izakaya, a typical Japanese restaurant where the food pairs perfectly with traditional alcoholic drinks, the new Japanese restaurant in the Navigli Masu Masu, inaugurated a few weeks ago, is located in via Vigevano 18.
The creation of Masu Masu is by Teiji Nakamura, a name known for numerous entrepreneurial projects in the restaurant sector. The menu with true Japanese flavors features the signature of chef Akinori Akiyama.

100% Japanese interior design for an authentic and modern style

Masu Masu is a welcoming restaurant, with attention to the smallest details, where you can relax and live a real experience tasting delicious dishes.
You can feel the refined Japanese atmosphere right from the designs of three iconic brands. Minimalist aesthetics meets traditional craftsmanship with Time & Style decor from Hokkaido. The fabrics that embellish the room are from Hosoo, a well-known Kyoto company, and the sudare, traditional Japanese dividing panels, are the work of Shikada Sangyo from Fukuoka.

Chef Akinori Akiyama’s menu for Masu Masu

At Masu Masu, an authentic Japanese restaurant in the Navigli, chef Akinori Akiyama’s menu offers different proposals for lunch and dinner, inspired by the izakaya.

Here you can enjoy delicacies as if you were thousands of kilometers away, sitting at a table in Japan: teppanyaki, kushi age, kushi yaki, udon, wagyu meat, tempura and much more. The drinks that accompany the menu are sake, original Japanese cocktails and a wide selection of wines, including Japanese ones.

The authenticity of the flavors is confirmed by the reviews of people who live or know the Far Eastern country and have tasted the dishes on the Masu Masu menu.

Curiosity: what does Masu Masu, the name of the new Japanese restaurant in the Navigli, mean?

The masu is a small square wooden box that was used in every home as a unit of measurement, especially for rice, legumes and soy sauce. Masu also has a symbolic meaning, since in Japanese the word means “growth”, and therefore “masu masu” means “more and more”, therefore indicating constant growth and transformation.

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Published On: October 10, 2023
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